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Playing piano
Playing guitar
Learning alphabet

'Good artists copy, Great artists steal'

You will love this app if you are already a great artist or someone who will be.

Repetitive listening and following practice will make you even greater and perfect.


This app just makes your journey a little, a little bit easier.


We know that nothing can replace your passion or effort.


Repeat and play.


This app is a small gift for you to be with some great people someday.

Music slower
AB slider for loop selection
  A-B Loop

Easy to select A-B Loop preset.

Dual sliders make A & B points selection precise.

You can select a-b loop by hearing & seeing.

Default presets are three.

Once a-b loop selected, you don't have to save & load.

Loopman saves automatically.

Just make your own presets as you want.

Keyboard hotkey
Arrow Hotkey

Just select functions via UP & DOWN arrow key.

Almost function show with blink UI.

Then use LEFT & RIGHT arrow key.

Music logo
Music Practice


Very precise speed as you want.

Even 1.01x(101%), 3.0x(300%), 0.5x(50%)

Tempo range adjustable. (From 0.5x, 0.9x, etc...)

12 steps up & down

-1 ~ +1 Octave range

ABC Logo
Language Listening


- Listen slowly or faster as you want.

- Sound quality is very high.

Loop count

- Listen & Repeats as you want.

- Repeat counts is adjustable.

Tutorial Video
Tutorial Manual
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